Case study harry tonka chest pain

How to prevent chest pain? The nurse administers one nitroglycering tablet sublingually. What type of heart sound would the nurse listen for to indicate that the patient might have left sided failure? Peak flow will give less information about lung volumes and airflow so spirometry is the preferred test to identify an obstructive, restrictive or combined pattern.

Ice relieves pain and swelling. The most essential for the differential diagnostics of chest pains is the examination of the endurance, the hardness of the pain, analysis of provoking factors, the circumstances of pain relief, localization and other specific features.

As a result, he has lost about 4kg in weight in the last 3 months. Does this patient need oxygen? If the swelling is gone, the warm compress is preferable.

Lungs sounds are crackles in both bases with clear upper lobes. The patient has lung crackles: The couple enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, living in a beautiful home built by Harry and enjoying regular holidays both at home and abroad.

The correct preliminary evaluation of the pain syndrome determines the healing work and the prognosis. Harry starts on treatment with a bronchodilator and a follow up appointment is arranged. Medications used to treat the most common chest pain causes include: How many doses of Nitroglycerin can be given and within what time period?

She complains of a squeezing type pain across her chest and into her left jaw area. Which of these is a possible cause of haemoptysis? Use a concept map format for the nursing diagnosis. The pain has been occurring intermittently throughout the evening and night. What labs would be drawn for this patient that would identify if the pain is from cardiac origin?

You may choose more than one answer Pulmonary TB. He reluctantly explains that he has not had time to go for his tests yet due to work commitments.

Due Jan 28, by 4pm Points 50 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Turnitin enabled Available Jan 20, at 4pm - Jan 28, at Identify and prioritize the problem list for this client.Harry is referred to the chest clinic. TB is possible, bearing in mind Harry's recent trips to India; he also has a history of weight loss, which he attributed to his power walking but which, on reflection, could be due to illness as it is quite recent.

Case Studies Exam 4.

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Case Study-Harry Tonka

Pneumothorax. A year-old male presents to the emergency room with sudden chest pain and difficulty breathing. Upon physical examination the patient has tachypnea, and mild dyspnea. He also has hyper resonance on the left side of his chest.

He has low blood pressure of / Monika Fernandez Harry Tonka Case Study 07/11/ 1) What will happen to Carl if he is not placed on a ventilator?

If Carl is not put placed on a ventilator his lungs will not function effectively. Carl may die if he is not ventilated adequately%(3). Monika Fernandez Harry Tonka Case Study 07/11/ Nursing Roles I Case Studies – Harry Tonka (Chest Pain) Chapter 5 Case Study 1) How should Mary Jane respond to this comment in a way that will stimulate her co-workers interest in nursing theory?

Mary Jane should advise the nurse that yes, that theories are helpful in the nursing practice. Start of by reminding them that the first theory.

Harry Smith, 70 years of age, is a male patient who is admitted to the medical-surgical Interventions should include bed rest and analgesic to relieve pleuritic chest pain. maintenance of proper fluid volume.

e. PaCO2 What overall interventions should the nurse provide?

What Causes Chest Pain?

Documents Similar To Case Study for Respiratory System. 8c. Case Study-Harry Tonka (Chest Pain) Case Scenario Harry Tonka entered the emergency department with midsternal chest pain, which started while he was playing basketball at the gym.

Harry Tonka is 42 years old and 5’10” tall, and weighs pounds. He smokes one pack of cigarettes per day and works in a .

Case study harry tonka chest pain
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