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A social development professional with over 30 years of experience both in Sri Lanka and overseas, she has worked in the areas of technology, infrastructure and poverty. They provide important insights that steer policy conversations on the issue at hand. Reimagining Development offers a space to debate and discuss te usefulness of existing notions of development, both mainstream and alternative, in the current Sri Lankan and global contexts.

Situation Room The Youth Economic Panel is a small class of remarkable young people selected through a highly competitive nomination process to provide advisory support at the highest level of government and to develop ideas critical to rethinking and improving the future of young people in Uganda.

The SLRC aims to provide a stronger evidence base about how people make a living, educate their children, deals with illness ad access basic services in fragile and conflict affected situations. So in our version of the World Cup, countries climb up the rankings based on their performance on issues like distribution of income, gender equality, environmental sustainability, quality of education and health.

He has taught in universities in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands as a visiting academic.

CEPA welcomes Ghana's B+ Fitch Ratings

The panel is made up of young people that are all leaders in their fields, bringing a wide range of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives. It has shaped countless lives and changed the landscape of entire countries.

These videos run for five minutes and disseminated widely on social media platforms. The programme will also target other parliamentary committees, the Uganda Human Rights Commission, civil society and specific citizen interest groups with human rights concerns. Panelists are introduced to a powerful and diverse network of young leaders and our Advisory Faculty established all levels of government, civil society and industry.

Through its Parliament Watch Initiative and in close collaboration with the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association and other Civil Society actors, CEPA will popularize the OAG reports and Parliamentary proceedings on the consideration of reports under the citizens dialoguing and engagement component.

Related Websites Poverty Portal A gateway to macro and micro level information on poverty for researchers and practitioners on the frontlines of development work in Sri Lanka. Hosted by the Centre for Poverty Analysis CEPAthe portal carries data and resources on poverty from a cross section of sources, and makes it easy to access poverty related information in one place.

It is a series of digital, short pre-recorded video dialogues that address numerous policy issues affecting women in Uganda.

Priyanthi was the Executive Director of the Centre for Poverty Analysis till February and is now an international consultant on gender, post war, transport, and communication. CEPA believes that poverty is an injustice that should be overcome and that overcoming poverty involves changing policies and practices nationally and internationally, as well as working with people in poverty.

Vision To foster people-centered parliamentary democracy through provision of information and engagement platforms on the legislative, budgeting, and oversight processes in Parliament Strategic Objective Public Accountability Under this Programme area, CEPA with Support from Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance GAPP Programme, has been working in close collaboration with key Parliamentary stakeholders such as, the three 3 accountability committees, the office of the Speaker of Parliament, Office of the Clerk to Parliament and the Institute of Parliamentary Studies IPS in matters related to capacity building of accountability committees.

For more information about the Society and the awards. Additionally, the Facets of Poverty Team works on poverty measurement and is starting to look at the impact of macro factors on poverty.

Visit the website for more information. CEPA strives to contribute to influencing poverty-related development policy, at national, regional, sectoral, programme and project levels.CENTRE FOR POLICY ANALYSIS THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MACRO ECONOMY OF GHANA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY C.

2. CEPA: The Current State of the Macro Economy of Ghana –Executive Summary Executive Summary Introduction The key economic issues that featured prominently in the national debates of the just-ended. Update Listing: Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA).

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The Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA), an independent non-governmental think-tank, which provides rigorous analysis and perspectives on economic policy issues of Ghana and the developing world, has hailed the B+ Ratings on.

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Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA)

Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) located in Accra, Ghana. Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) Address, Phone number, Email, Reviews and Photos. See the complete profile on Ghana Business Directory. The Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) was incorporated in January under Ghana’s Companies Code, (Act ) as an independent, non-profit and non-governmental think-tank, which provides analysis and perspectives on economic policy issues of Ghana and the developing world.

Cepa centre for policy analysis ghana
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