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Where most private eyes drink like fish with little effect, boozy Crane is more often found sleeping it off than detecting. Hardy was a Victorian realist who was influenced by Romanticism. D H Lawrence — English poet, novelist and writer.

Evan Hunter more or less invented the police procedural. Bent cops, nightsticks, psychopaths and seductresses. One of the most popular authors of s.

Famous Writers

James Joyce — Irish writer from Dublin. His genius is in full flower in the Matt Scudder series, about a hard-boiled ex-cop investigating sleazy crimes. Led secluded lifestyle, and left legacy of many short vivid poems, often on themes of death and immortality.

Dark as hell, his books are all the darker for being funny. They probably inspired the TV series Taggart, but are far more intelligent and subtle. His novel Ulysseswas ground-breaking for its stream of consciousness style. The Rat on Fire Dorothy L Sayers Sayers was responsible, with Agatha Christie, for fixing in the public mind the idea demonstrably false that women are particularly good at crime writing.

Vera Brittain — British writer best known for her autobiography — Testament of Youth — sharing her traumatic experiences of the First World War.

50 crime writers to read before you die

Lewis Carroll Oxford mathematician and author. Also well known as a Christian apologist. Wodehouse — English comic writer. The Maltese Falcon Dan Kavanagh In the s, the shady, elusive Kavanagh - crime-writing alter-ego of Julian Barnes - produced four grimy, winningly absurd tales starring Duffy, a bisexual ex-copper with a heart of coal.

Other categories of writers: Famous works include Animal Farm, and In Clouds of Witness she alludes to a fairly obscure quotation. Best known for Canterbury Tales Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — German poet, playwright, and author.

Emily Bronte is best known for her novel Wuthering Heightsand her poetry.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez — Colombian author. One plays the drums; the other the flute. The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars Mickey Spillane Creator of brutish but honest private dick Mike Hammer, who, by bashing the bejesus out of crooks, helped make Spillane one of the best-selling writers of the 20th century.

Who, we asked ourselves finally, are the crime writers who can actually write? Christine Falls John Dickson Carr The master of the "impossible crime", he claimed to have come up with 80 versions of the locked-room mystery, usually solved by his Falstaffian sleuth Dr Gideon Fell.

Balzac was an influential realist writer who created characters of moral ambiguity — often based on his own real-life examples. Hammett created revolutionary models for the morally ambiguous hero Sam Spade and the equal partnership of modern marriage Nick and Nora Charles now so universal that we have forgotten our debt to him.

We believe any serious reader will profit from acquaintance with any of the writers on this list. George Orwell — — English author. Log on, or write in, and say so. He coined the 10 commandments of the detective novel in and was later reduced to translating the Bible. We wanted to compile a list of writers we had, jointly and severally, loved.

We present them in no particular order, and make no apology for our omissions. Shakespeare is widely considered the seminal writer of the English language.

Also known to the police as John Banville. We did not, except incidentally, take into account popularity. Wild About Harry Frances Fyfield Fyfield emerged as a rival to Minette Walters when publishers in the mids were obsessed with grim, cod-psychological nasties inspired by Ruth Rendell.A list of famous writers/authors/poets throughout history.

William Shakespeare ( – ) English poet and playwright. Famous plays include Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice and Hamlet. A list of crime fiction authors who specialize in detective fiction.

If you love a good mystery then these are the authors for you. Detective fiction is a sub-genre of mystery fiction along with thrillers and general crime fiction. Before beginning a career in writing, Jo Nesbø worked as freelance journalist and a stockbroker.

He published his first crime novel, The Bat Man inthe first book of the Harry Hole series. The novel caught instant fame winning the Glass Key Award for best Nordic crime novel. From G K Chesterton to Elmore Leonard, The Daily Telegraph presents a list of of its favourite crime writers of all time.

> Writing Your Author Bio? Here Are 10 Great Examples. Writing Your Author Bio? Here Are 10 Great Examples. October 22, The Crime Writers of Canada, The International Thriller Writers and The Private Eye Writers of America have listed his titles among the best in crime fiction.

As a two-time winner of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award. Author Sue Grafton is the creator of the popular mystery novels featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone, which began with 's A Is for Alibi.

Famous crime writing authors bio
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