How did geography and the environment affect greek development

This difficulty encouraged the growth of cashcrops and a trade market in Greece. Bad planification in the building of structures and large floods, have taken time to rebuild that could have been usefull to develop their technology.

Geography can affect cultural development in profound ways. In general terms, this has provided to be a inhibitor of communication, as some regions could be cut-off due to a landslide or a washed-up bridge. Sparta, on the other hand, was a monarchy, with a line of hereditary monarchs.

Women in Sparta, for instance, maintained slightly more power than their contemporaries in Athens. This helped to shape the Greek economy.

How did geography affect the Greeks? This again meant that many Greeks sought their fortune elsewhere: China was the fourth of the Early River Valley Civilization.

Thehabitats chose that plain because it is covered with wind-blownyellow soil called loses. When burgeoningpopulations outstripped the productive capacity of the soil, thecity-states shipped their surplus populations off to other coastalsites around the Mediterranean and Black Seas to seize land andestablish new city-states, resulting in over 2, city states.

They laid out streets, temples, and public buildings around a central square. The river Tibers also provided a means of transportationand fresh water for the people of Rome.

Here is my answer: The Huang He is one of the muddiestrivers in the world. Thessaly has warm, dry plains and lower mountain ranges. Greece consists mostly of mountains and forests. The bays provided harbors for ships, and the coastwas fertile, so the could farm.

Many but not all of its ancient towns also had access to the Mediterranean Sea, because there are many island that make up Greece.

Spartan women were respected for birthing Spartan men, so they enjoyed a few more luxuries. Therefore, the basic unit of Greek politics was the city-state.

Explain how the geography of Greece affected farming in the region? With more capacity to produce food, Italy could support more people than Greece could. What effect did the geography of ancient Greece have on its early development?

The dominance of water theAegean Sea and connected bodies of water was one geographicinfluence, as it forced the Greeks to become experts at seafaring. Finally, the climate had an impact on Greek economics and politics. The geography affected Ancient Greece because the climate and bumpy hills changed the agriculture.

How Did Geography Influence the Development of Ancient Greece?

Mexico is a geographically difficult region, with several mountain ranges crisscrossing its territory. Where whaet, olive oil and wine were imported.

Agriculture was important for the advancement of this colony. What is the geography of New Jersey and how did it affect its development? In thinking about the impact of geography on Greek life, we must think about three aspects of that geography.

In the southern climate, Chinese farmers could growfood, make cloth and weave baskets. Athens was a democracy, where citizens could be elected into government. This gave the Greeks crops that they could trade with people from other regions.HomeĀ» EducationĀ» Geography, Environment, and Archaeology in Greece Geography, Environment, and Archaeology in Greece The sea itself provided relatively easy lanes of transport and communications; the numerous islands and rough coastline encouraged the movement of.

How did the unique geography of ancient Greece affect the two cultures living in the same area? It separated them so much that they thought of themselves as separate countries, with it's own way of life it thought was the best.

the geography of Greece made more independent communities (city states) which helped foster participation in political affairs which gave them their own laws and military power.

How Did Geography Influence Greek Development?

In thinking about the impact of geography on Greek life, we must think about three aspects of that geography. The three most important aspects of Greek geography were the mountains that split. Get an answer for 'How did geography and topography affect Greek economic, political and social development?The question takes place from the time of Ancient Greece.' and find homework help for.

How did the geography of Greece affect the development of city-states?

How did geography affect the development of Rome?

the mountains, seas, islands, and climate isolated separated and divided Greece into small groups that became city-states. How did the geography affect the early Greek's ability to get food?

How did geography and the environment affect greek development
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