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They had not been part of a large multinational before. Motivation Create a performance culture — introduce targets, regular one to ones, plans for output an deliver against it — link output to bonus Older employees bring a diverse range of skills, could use them in a different capacity e.

Unfortunately, few acquired firms remain independent for long because executives in the acquiring firm want to control corporate decisions. Consequences There will be uncertainty and unrest amongst the employees until the issues are resolved.

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Additional benefits could be added dependant on grade and performance. The TF unions refused to pay any more for their food so despite the fact that all other cafeterias were operated on a no profit, no loss basis, HUL agreed to subsidise the difference.

They are concerned about the emergence of a new set of opinion leaders. New colleagues came in who were not as affected by the issues of the past and the culture began to change.

Solutions A good package will be an effective tool for recruitment and retention of colleagues and help to sustain staff motivation and engagement. As a result some higher level employees voluntarily downgraded to ensure job security.

HUL introduced many of its standard systems and policies — such as quality assurance and workplace safety but the culture and way of working had not changed. The issues with management structure such as the change in TF and ICU managers are leading to unrest and need to be resolved.

They also felt that they were not compensated on a par with other HUL unions and looked to the upcoming merger to gain a significant pay out for their people.

During the merger, over 2, people from both firms were divided into more than teams to figure out how to integrate their respective structures, systems, and cultures. Because of the cordial relationship with management they were the most approachable.

Owning shares will provide employees with financial incentives that will make them more committed to the organisation and more motivated at work. The working culture was very laid back and relaxed. Johnson and Scholes What about the younger people, will they realise the importance of a pension scheme?

The company could arrange a bus to pick up employees from certain agreed points and ferry them to the Tea Factory.

Factory management negotiate with the Central Industrial Relations Committee for an overall package that the committee would sanction as a pay out. Solutions To reduce issues between management and unions: They argue that most organisation leaders are found wanting when it comes to leading change successfully.

Equality and diversity policy and provide training to the colleagues. This increased tensions over the cafeteria case study p. Union rivalry is increasing, could be bad for the business therefore it would be better to stabilise the structure as soon as possible.

In this case, we believe that the move of the TIU and the ICU will be beneficial for the company as a whole but will also bring benefits for the employees such as greater stability and job security.

Arguments How are we going to persuade the CEO and management to agree to an improved package.LP1 Assignment: Case Study #1 Directions Read and Complete Case Study #1 - Strategy & HRM at Delta Airlines (chapter 2) The central components of your analysis should include issue identification, issue analysis, solutions, and potential limitations to.

JOSEF MITTLEMANN A Case Study Assignment (part 1) If experience is the best teacher, what better way to learn about the totality of case method instruction than by writing a teaching case?

Hul Asignment – Case Study1

Many first-time case authors have. View Essay - Case Study 1 Assignment from LIFC at Liberty University. 1 Case%(13).

Jurlique Case Study1. Topics: Marketing, Hul Asignment move, the ICU workers had begun to demand more money to compensate for the increased travel costs and the more expensive food at the TF. (case study p.5) The issue was. Assignment 1: Bottling Company Case Study Imagine you are a manager at a major bottling company.

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Hul asignment case study1
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