Javita business presentation

I have been with Javita for over 3 years and I can tell you that the management team, products and compensation plan are second to none. Meet with your contact if possible and share with them a sizzle video. Getting a decision occurs at some form of an event.

For Members wanting to join outside the Philippines you may sign up online at the following link for both the product and the opportunity If you have any questions please email me.

All products will ship through LBC from the U. A system provides a step-by-step, duplicatable method that outlines the tasks you should implement every day to ensure the greatest results. This will also help to put together a day plan of action based on your discussions with them. Because of the demand to purchase our products and join javita business presentation business we are offering to our friends, family and business associates and that includes You!

At any of these events, your prospect will learn even more about Javita — more on the products, maybe some basics on the business and our opportunity provides a path to income, rewards, bonuses — even car payments.

I attached the North American one page compensation overview along with the application. We will consolidate these shipments until we officially open in the Philippines. In a party setting you may have more than one person to join, so you might pass out applications.

Over the past few weeks we have discussed steps 1 — 3 of the Diamond Prospecting System. Here are some tips on how you can help your new Member get off to a successful start: Here are some topics to go over with your new Member when creating the day plan of action.

But, some people may need more exposure to Javita and some may be ready to go right away so be ready for anything. Here is an article with the top 5 videos you should share. If you want to join now here are your options: Now the first 24 hours here are key — These folks are excited about their new venture and now is the time to plug them into another Javita event.

The fun comes from the people you meet, work with and socialize with all throughout your Javita journey. And by event, I mean, maybe there is another party someone on your team is having, maybe a hotel BOM or training, or how about the Sunday night Discover Javita call — call them up and 3-way them into the call — tell them to introduce themselves to everyone — keep the excitement going.

This should be done on the very next day of you sharing the pique interest tool. Then, soon after the event if possibleset up a time to talk about the next few steps with your new Member: Getting a Decision is the next step in the Diamond Prospecting System.

See Dealer Opportunity Section Below. If you can not meet with your contact, share the videos with them by sending your contact the link to the specific video you feel will interest them most.

And getting a decision after some type of an event is an all important one. Once the Philippines opens your membership and organization will move under the Philippines compensation structure that has not been released yet.

We are in the process of finalizing all certifications needed from the Philippine Government to import our products into the country and establish our business. The rewards come in the form of incentives, bonuses and income that you can earn as a Javita Member — as well as realizing the dream of owning your own business, taking control of your financial situation and helping others create a successful business as well.

It guides you from introduction of Javita to others, the use of tools to create a consistent message and ultimately reaching a positive decision. This is further building belief — demonstrating what a great opportunity Javita can provide — through our health changing products and our incredible opportunity.

And keep in mind all these steps in the DPS are a guide. You must have a valid credit card.Javita Coffee Company Presentation with Videos- authorSTREAM Presentation. The Javita business model is designed to reward Members who promote our products and business opportunity.

This is accomplished by devoting almost our entire marketing budget to the Javita Member Compensation Plan.

This plan is based on the principle of teamwork, with the understanding. Presentation Description. Welcome To my Team - Javita Weight Loss Coffee is the perfect product and opportunity for you to have success working from home.

Javita Business Overview. Compensation - Bonuses - Prizes - Company Paid BMW - Major Tax advantages. Javita has it all! 1 Cup can Change your LIFE visit mi-centre.com for more information.

Javita Mind Enhancing and Weight Loss Coffee and Tea Business Product Presentation. Energy+Mind. Burn+Control. Lean+Green. Garcinia Cambogia Extract the Holy Grail of Weight Loss.

Hello Friends,I would like to invite you to a free Javita Business Opportunity Presentation Event in Makati On Oct 10, Presenter is the One and only Javita CEO & Founder Of Javita Coffee Company USA This is a free event to eat some good food and taste all the products that javita has to offer including the 4 brand new products called Active Blendz come and meet and great the President.

An event can be a home party, maybe a 1-on-1 presentation, a small group gathering or a hotel meeting. This is generally the 3 rd exposure after steps 1 and 2. At any of these events, your prospect will learn even more about Javita – more on the products, maybe some basics on the business and our opportunity provides a path to income, rewards.

Javita business presentation
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