Jet blue hits turbulence

Processing systems used for daily transactions were not scalable. Neeleman took responsibility for the Jet blue hits turbulence and apologized on behalf of JetBlue. Finally, we also note a failure in the Human Resources functional business process. Spending only about 1. The new customer bill of rights is a step in the right direction as far as sales and marketing and customer relations are concerned.

Cont… Situation After Implementation: JetBlue spent only 1. Also introduced new software that sends recorded messages to check the availability of pilots and flight attendants.

Additionally, web-based booking tools offered convenience to its customers, also at a low cost. These measures better prepare the airline to handle future events better.

Other systems that were in place were systems for managing planes, crews and scheduling. However, JetBlue remains vulnerable if they can not put a system in place to keep up with rapid changes in technology, and staffing needs.

Weather is only a contributing factor but the real problems faced by JetBlue were: Upon realizing the gravity of the problem, JetBlue management started canceling flights leading to many customers rescheduling their flights or canceling them altogether.

Because of so many passengers rebooking, canceling, or tracking their baggage the airlines automated system and staff could not handle all the traffic.

Response to crisis evaluation Despite the ordeal, JetBlue remained true to its business model of excellent customer service. Cancellation of flights, which accounts to a third of its total daily flights. In addition to an inadequate reservation system, the company did not employ enough people to staff its phones to handle the surge in telephone calls from customers.

The major failure was with the Transaction processing systems TPS.

The storm saga was as a result of multiple systems and business functions failures. However, the reservation system was not adequate to handle the increased number of customers using it when flights were cancelled.

This automation helped keep headcount low and union affiliation nil. The airline relied heavily on low cost technology that was unable to withstand high traffic volumes as witnessed during the New York storm.

This is evident from another snow fall crises which followed which again proved that there is lot to improve for JetBlue. Therefore, there is need for the airline to build strong information and Human Resources systems if it wants to avoid a repeat of this crisis.

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Road to the Future Though JetBlue has initiated a series of actions in the technology and staff standpoint to improve the situation, but still these are not very effective. The lack of foresight proved costly to the organization.

JetBlue Hits Turbalence Case Study

Problems Experienced The problem experienced here was that the kind of investment being made in he Information system was low which could not accommodate worst case scenarios.

The CRM is the system that helps firms manage their relationship with their customers. He expressed deep regret that good intentions had gone totally wrong. He admitted that JetBlue lacked strong management and has inadequate communication system. Except perhaps crew management, most of the same problems are likely to re-occur and are most vulnerable to breakdown:A JetBlue flight from Boston to Sacramento hit severe turbulence Thursday evening, causing injuries to 22 passengers and two crew members and forcing the Airbus aircraft to land in Rapid City.

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24 Injured in Severe Turbulence on JetBlue Flight From Boston to Sacramento

However, due to a series of very public mishaps and renewed demands from the general public [ ]. JetBlue Flight Hits Turbulence; 24 Taken to Hospital.

their seat belts were flying up and hitting the ceiling," Alan Lee told NBC News. Jet Blue flight hits severe turbulence, sends JetBlue Hits Turbulence Case Study Question I. What types of information systems and business functions are described in this case?

The information system described in this case is the Transaction Processing System (TPS) which is used to perform and record the day-to-day business transactions including reservations, paperless ticketing and.

Jet Blue flight is forced to make emergency landing in South Dakota

Aug 12,  · Fierce turbulence rocked a Jet Blue flight from Boston to Sacramento, sending two dozen people on board to the hospital. At least 22 passengers. Rhonda Lynam, from Pebble Beach, California, has described the horrifying moment JetBlue Flight hit severe turbulence and tossed passengers around the cabin as many were left in neck braces.

Jet blue hits turbulence
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