Public speaking self reflection 2 essay

I will keep my hands to my side or behind my back, to keep them from fidgeting with my notes or with my clothing. My reactions to the symptoms are the same and I quickly realized my mistakes after my presentation is over.

I will practice taking slow deep breaths, instead of the fast shallow breaths that I have been taken in the past. I intend to prepare for a longer period of time before my presentation, and to visualize myself giving a successful speech.

Finally, I want to be able to connect with my audience when I am giving a speech or presentation, and I want to be able to deliver my speech or presentation in an informative and interesting way.

What I want to be able to accomplish in this course is to be able to deliver a speech clear and concise without any signs of my presentation anxiety symptoms appearing. Nonverbal presentation anxiety symptoms that I feel are that I get nervous, my heart starts beating fast, I start sweating, and my hands start playing with my notes or start messing with my clothing.

I want to be able to find successful ways to calm my nervousness, and find different ways to hide the parts of my anxiety that I have not figured out a successful solution too.

I know I have these symptoms because I have done at least 28 presentations, and I have felt all of the symptoms every time I do a presentation or have to stand up in front of a crowd. This nervousness causes me to start rambling on, and the rate at which I want to present my message begins to speed up.

The areas that I intend to work on, to reduce my level of presentation anxiety in this class are to reduce my level of nervousness, and to start thinking more positive before I begin my presentation. Also I plan to start thinking more positive about my speaking ability by focusing on my weaknesses, and by visualizing my solutions to these weaknesses Finally, I intend to work on not expecting perfection, and to visualize all the problems that could happen so I can figure out the best solution for each situation.

How I plan to improvement my weak areas to accomplish my goals are by turning the negative force of stage fright into a positive force by using my past and future experiences with public speaking to loosen my anxiety.Public Speaking Self Reflection COMM/ - PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR THE IT PROFESSIONAL April 22, Diane Pawlak After reviewing my instructors feedback there are a few things that I.

 Public Speaking Self Reflection John Doe COMM/ 04 Jul Professor doe 1 James Kent Professor John Randall COMM/ 04 Jul Public Speaking Self-Reflection During the first week of class we learned about presentations and talking in front of people.

At which each individual experienced nervousness and fear.

Free Essay: Public Speaking Self-Reflection COM/ May 11, Public speaking has always been very hard for me, I've never been the type to stand in front. Below is an essay on "Public Speaking Self Reflection" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

COM/ Public Speaking University of Phoenix I feel that I did a great job on my 2-minute presentation from Week One overall.

I do notice, however, that I still have some things that will require work/5(1). May 07,  · Reflective Essay In the course of this semester, I was able to learn more about the art of public speaking and learn the ways in which I can effectively pull off doing a remarkable speech.

Learning this information helped me know and understand the ways of getting your audience to not only be engaged in what your speaking about, but on how to sway your audience and make them think.

The Importance of Public Speaking 1. What is public speaking? a. Why is important? b. Why some people don’t do well in public speaking? c. Why is this important to my profession and myself?

2. Challenges and benefits of public speaking. a. How to improve public speaking? b.

Self Reflection-Public Speaking

How to become an effective public speaker.

Public speaking self reflection 2 essay
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