Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio

This is definitely an eating place for you to try one day. As we go inside, the stairs made of stones and concretes warns us to be mindful of our steps.

I still tried to follow it, and as I went farther, I realized all his efforts just for freedom to reign in our poor country. The highlights of our visit to the Mines View Park did not just end on the viewing deck. The fare is eight pesos per person and that was fair enough for me to see the two sides of the road on a typical day in a Baguio community.

I am a visitor and at the same time an observer of the things happening around. We board the jeepney terminal situated beside the Baguio City Market. Not bad for twenty pesos for unlimited number of shots. Their delicacy products are as a matter of fact delicious and have a one of a kind taste.

The rest of our stay there is spent in viewing the mountains from deck constructed for the park visitors. That is just for us to be already be familiar with its location since our check in time is still in the afternoon. But it is really exciting to see a horse and then literally touch it.

This is a sacred place for many specifically for the millions of Catholics in the country. This next destination is totally awesome.

Let us all hope that it is not yet too late for the government to act for a change. There are roses, dahlias, sunflowers, stargazer, and many more kinds of flowers adding perfect beauty to the park. We dine in at Pizza Volante situated along Session Road.

Well, kidding aside, our stay in this magnificent place is very relaxing. I had never been into a strawberry farm in my entire life. Three shots for fifty pesos is just okay. There seems to be not that much changes in this place.

We did not waste our time then. A Difference in looking, in perceiving and in understanding things. But one of the most significant work of art that directly relates to Catholicism is this two pillars of stone with the Ten Commandments of God engrave on them.

We rove around the market to see the fresh vegetables coming from different plantations in Benguet and nearby provinces. Visiting places where memorabilia of Rizal are in, is just one of the ways in depicting Jose Rizal as a Filipino Hero.

And when we are already at the entrance, the next thing to do is to log in to this book for visitors. Not only it enables you to learn and appreciate your environment but also it brings bonding to your group.

For the reason that I have grown and I have different group of people as my companion, who at some point had influenced the way I recognize things.

But I just find myself together with my wife picking the fresh, red, shiny and sweet strawberries in the farm some minutes after.

When I was a teenager, I plant different kinds of vegetables in our backyard. Through that, he will much appreciate it as he delightfully envisioned the future Philippines. After our basket, which design is just enough to fill one kilo of strawberries, is full, I requested the lady farmer if she can stand beside my wife for a photo.

Although many stores are still close, we already happen to see a lot of things being sold inside this public market early in the morning. It is the Strawberry Farm! I knew that with each step, are his hardships and dedication for the betterment of the future Filipinos— us.

This second visit to Baguio City means a lot to me. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. After drinking some water to refresh ourselves, we go through this downhill stairs which is heading to the horseback riding area.

I have a background in farming. As we travel on the roads going from one tourist spot to another, here is another thing which I found dangerous and life threatening.Field trip reaction paper 1.

*Ma. Angelika DayataIII- GoldMaam Raquel 2. "KKK"This was our first destination for our field trip. Information: example of reaction paper about fieldtrip of baguio.

Call Centers in Baguio. How to get to Sitel Baguio? 8 Comments baguio city, bus ride, call center, economic zone, sitel philippines, travel time. Question: How to get to Sitel Baguio?

Answer: Sitel Philippines has a satellite call center in Baguio city. Sitel Philippines. Read more. Intramuros and Rizal Shrine Trip— Reaction Paper. Field trips are always fun. Not only it enables you to learn and appreciate your environment but also it brings bonding to your group.

Honestly, I have gone to Rizal’s Shrine both in Intramuros and Laguna a. Reaction Paper Field Trip. Reaction Paper. The Aetas Land and Life, edited by Aurea G. Miclat-Teves Documents Similar To Field Trip Reflection Paper.

Information: reaction paper for fieldtrip accident in baguio

Gardenia Reaction Paper. Uploaded by. Anne Elamparo.

Narrative Report. Uploaded by. Baguio Reaction Paper. Uploaded by. Cris Diane G. Datingginoo. Reaction Paper. Uploaded by.5/5(1). Information: reaction paper for fieldtrip accident in baguio.

Call Centers in Baguio.

Information: example of reaction paper about fieldtrip of baguio

How to get to Sitel Baguio? 8 Comments baguio city, Question: How to get to Interface Baguio? Answer: Interface Techno-Phil (ITI Philippines) has.

reaction paper. College of Liberal Arts COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Ayala Blvd., Ermita Manila AZUCARERA DE TARLAC SUBMITTED BY: JOANA MARIE M. DE LEON BAM IM – 3LE SUBMITTED TO: PROF. HERNANDEZ I. INTRODUCTION Having an educational field trip as a student of BAM – IM at the AZUCARERA in tarlac on .

Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio
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