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More broadly, timing is a key factor in every success story. When he was younger, his interest was into science and math. I agree with all of the authors points. Gladwell argues that Gates, the Beatles, and Joy are all no doubt examples of great talent, but what sets them apart are a series of often randomly occurring opportunities.

So even if two individuals spend the same amount of time practicing and studying, the one that has a better understanding of the subject gets more out of it than the other one.

There was no way for programmer to beat over 10, hours. The only time he practices math is in school and homework. He then continues to say that he found it interesting that in this study, none of the successful professionals had just glided to the top with ease.

All took advantage of the transformation of the American economy by the construction of railroads and the emergence of Wall Street.

The 10,000 Hour Rule

It speaks about 10, hours as the magical number of hours that one has to practice their craft to be good at it. The same pattern can be seen with the Beatles and Bill Gates.

How the 10,000 hour rule benefits us

Analysis of the world-class violinists, pianists, chess players, etc. The cutoff date determining what division the child can play is in January 1st, so those children born early in the year are older, and more mature, and this gives them an advantage at the beginner level.

It is true that some people are born with talents but that does not limit your abilities to pursuing something you may want to do. Gladwell wraps up this chapter by pointing out that perhaps the greatest lucky break of all in the cases of Gates and Joy is perhaps a factor totally out of their control: There are no examples given of people who are at the top of their field who achieved success by not putting in as many hours as others and there is no example of people who put in the most hours and still were not the top of their fields.

This happens again in with the technology world, with the invention of a do-it-yourself personal computer that you could assemble at home. Active Themes Joy eventually enrolled in graduate school at UC Berkeley, where he stunned his PhD examiners with his intellectual dexterity and brilliance.

Many teenagers his age did not have such an opportunity. A person has to constantly be training and practicing to be in top shape and to maximize their potential. My discussion question is do you believe innate talent exist? In the end it comes down to luck. Practice does make perfect thus the more one practices the more likely they are to succeed but why is it that some people excel faster than others?

This person never had the ability within them, making it much harder to succeed at becoming a professional. Most of the people mentioned were born either in or I liked this article and it made me think of the art classes I used to attend as a kid.

Gates studied at Lakeside and hung out with a famous Paul Allen who also shared his programming experience with Gates. This stroke of good luck and timing gave Gates the opportunity to become an expert at computer programming well ahead of his time, which later put him in the perfect position to start Microsoft at the dawn of the personal computer revolution.

Do they spend 10, hours a day too. Gladwell then described how The Beatles struggled to perform live, which requires them to practice long hours every day. And Michigan, where Joy went to school, was one of the first universities to switch over to time-sharing. Without the proper skills and opportunities, one will not be able to achieve success.

However, he encountered on computer science, where programming practice opportunities were limited due to rare computers. Michigan and spent many days and nights toying around with the computers.

I am sure most people who spend 10, hours on some do succeed, however I do believe there are outliers to this general observation. While my life goal is not to be a painter, I can relate to the amount of practice that is mentioned in the essay.10, Hour Rule Gladwell describe several reasons why people are more successful in their live than others.

The implementation of the 10, hour rule will be effective for talented individuals.

The 10,000-Hour Rule

The Matthew Effect looks at Canadian hockey players and how the overwhelming majority of these players are born from January to March. The cutoff date determining what division the child can play is in January 1st, so those children born early in the year are older, and. Overall Gladwell uses Logos, similes, and foils to support his claim of the 10, hour rule.

In “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell organizes his argument for their being a rule for overall success by showing statistics of people who are defined as being successful such as Bill Gates, Billy Joy, and The Beatles.

Plenty of other circumstances factor into success but it’s worth taking a closer look at what the 10, hour rule means for today’s kids. The news is good. Those who are homeschooling or attending democratic schools benefit enormously from the 10, hour rule, although not in ways you might expect.

The 10, Hour Rule The 10, hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell talks about Bill Joy and he has a very interesting life story. Bill Joy attends University of Michigan. The 10, Hour Rule Essay The 10, hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell talks about Bill Joy and he has a very interesting life story.

Bill Joy attends University of .

The 10000 hour rule essay help
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