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Police officers are 3 times higher than the national average to commit suicide Police Dynamics Institute, Inc.

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On the other hand, minority officers are sidelined and overlooked by other officers which creates difficult working conditions for police officers.

Bibliography lists 6 sources. This causes stress, depression and burnout on the part of police officers. Often stresses on the job bleed over into the family after the officer is off duty.

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In a separate study by BCOPS, Patons demonstrates that guilt among the police officers, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety and fear often expose them to suicidal risks. Besides, these traumatic incidences may further result in the chronic state of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

Bibliography lists 10 sources. Constant internal investigation practices send the signals of lack of trust Hart et al. They could provide a variety of anonymous services that would allow the officer to seek help without risking their colleagues and superiors finding out about it. In addition, they also have a significantly higher suicide rate than the public.

He or she can either revert to life-threatening activities or totally become insane man or a woman. This is a key issue in treating stress among police officers and one area where administration and management could make a major impact on the mental health of their officers.

Whereas every person is subject to stress, police officers are more affected than other people. It is an unknown factor that determines just how many stressful incidents an individual officer can experience before exhibiting a decline in work performance.

Physiologically, it might cause anxiety, depression and irritability Miler, Such generalization not only creates an infavourable image of policing, but also causes frustrations of the police who have to bear with this negative image and tag even as they offer their services.

These problems not only pose problems for the officers: This kind of administrative policies and procedures has left police officers with many unaddressed questions in their minds. Police Stress Preventing Police Officer Stress The stresses that police officers face as a part of their daily job often make it difficult to maintain a normal life.

In some instances, the courts acquit arrested offenders of any wrong-doing, although the police have filed convincing and adequate evidence for crimes committed.

Policing is one of the most stressful professions not only in America, but also in the world as a whole. Education and training have been demonstrated to be the most effective techniques for reduction of stress on the job Curran, Stressed police officers frequently commit suicide.

This dichotomy of violent threat versus courageous behavior takes its toll on the police practitioner. In the wake of such a decision, the officer must maintain proper decorum and provide aid and assistance to the individual who may have, just seconds before, attempted to take away a life.

To worsen the situation, police officers are not always consulted, or they rarely participate in the formulation of the administrative policies and procedures Paton, This adds to psychological stress among police officers.

In recent years, more departments have developed enlightened policies on the management of police stress and the treatment of officers from both a preventative and rehabilitative aspect. They work long hours, face hazards to life and limbs, and often for little pay as compared to other professions.

Studies have shown that police officers are prone to suicide than all other state employees. Lastly, the paper will address the possible ways of alleviating the police stress.

Therefore, all the effort should be directed towards reducing stress among police officers. Stress and the Police Officer.Related Essays: Police Stress Christianity-Based Stress Therapy in Law View Paper. Police Stress Christianity-Based Stress Therapy in Law Enforcement The archetypal law-enforcement agent is a stolid figure with an unshakeable volition to uphold legal standards against odds of physical danger, political.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Police Stress. Effects of Police Stress. A 9 page research paper on the negative effects that stress has on police work. The roles of police cynicism, poor community relations, and job dissatisfaction are among the many factors discussed.

Police PTSD is the worst effect of police stress, since other adverse effects such as suicide, homicide or divorce revolve around it. Post-traumatic stress disorder is characterized by both physical and physiological alterations in the daily functions of a person’s life (Miller, ).

Home Essays Police Stress. Police Stress. Topics: Police Psychology and Stress Essay that we all experience is stress.

Stress does not judge by its nature, calls for an incredible amount of continual stress. The demands on police officers to show greater restraint has been increasing over the years and has increased the.

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Stress On Police Officers essays The issue that I have chosen is stress on police officers. Every officer during their career in law enforcement has to deal with stress. Most of the time, stress in police work is caused by frustration they may develop during an investigation, paperwork they have t.

Thesis paper on police stress
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