Why abortion should be allowed in

Is it okay to have an abortion in the case of rape? It is used with permission. Does the Bible give clear teaching? They defend the unborn with passion but re-injure the rape victim in doing so.

Human life is human life, period, and all vulnerable humans deserve protection Pr Other, pro-life, campaigners have objected to this argument on the grounds that it permits eugenic abortion - abortion to eliminate disabling genes from the human race.

Reasons for abortion

This section only deals with abortion after the first week of pregnancy. They say that a society that believes that people should plan their families must allow women to end unwanted pregnancies, in order to deal with failures of birth control.

For more advice on talking to people about abortion, see my book, Common Ground Without Compromise. While selective abortion for gender preference is illegal in India, the low proportion of female births relative to male births, together with Why abortion should be allowed in evidence, makes it certain that female foeticide is practised on a large scale.

Should Abortion Be Allowed for Rape or Incest?

The Section is offensive to many people; it reinforces negative stereotypes of disability and there is substantial support for the view that to permit terminations at any point during a pregnancy on the ground of risk of disability, while time limits apply to other grounds set out in the Abortion Act, is incompatible with valuing disability and non-disability equally.

Follow him on Twitter: Meet the practical challenge by acknowledging the rape victim and meet the moral challenge by showing that the unborn is a genuine human being. In that moment, I faced two challenges. Our hearts should be broken that we even need to confront this issue.

Rather, they are human beings with great potential. Her birth mother was only fourteen when she gave birth to my sister.

Scripture does not distinguish between humans at an early stage of development and humans at a later stage, nor does it distinguish between those conceived in rape and those conceived otherwise. A crowd had gathered for an impromptu abortion debate on the plaza at local college.

Some societies have used abortion as a substitute for adequate provision of contraception, or quite deliberately to regulate population size.

For sociological and economic reasons parents in some cultures prefer to have boy babies. Most western supporters of abortion rights do not support abortions carried out for such reasons - or at least not as explicit public policy.

My youngest sister, who was adopted by our family shortly after birth, was conceived in rape. I have often heard people say they are against abortion but make exceptions in the case of rape. And for that we are eternally grateful. All eyes were on me. And some people with disabilities that could be put forward as grounds for abortion argue that they would much rather be alive than have been killed in the womb.

And yet this is not merely an academic issue for me. Birth control and disability Abortion as a substitute for contraception Some methods of contraception in fact amount to abortion during the very earliest stage of a pregnancy. Too often Christians forget this. They say that it is just plain wrong to say that one life is less valuable than another.

Abortion for social reasons is usually least acceptable to opponents. Even though it was certainly difficult to be pregnant at that age, she chose to give my sister life.

When parents can discover the gender of the foetus in advance, they sometimes request the termination of a pregnancy solely because the foetus is female. When this is done as a matter of public policy it is now regarded as a most serious breach of human rights and a criminal act.

Like us, he needs only a proper environment and adequate nutrition to live. Under other circumstances abortion has to take place during the first 6 months of the pregnancy. No essential change takes place from fertilization onward.

Ina United Nations Conference on World Population in Belgrade said that abortion was the chief method of birth control in the world at that time. The second was practical:Abortion is a cruel tragedy, but it is also a choice that should never be made.

Such a choice stays with us forever. Such a choice stays with us forever. For anyone who has already participated in abortion, while there is no way to change your past, there is. The question of abortion in cases of rape is one of the most difficult and sensitive issues to address.

The unborn is a human being with intrinsic value and worth, and yet the mother has been violated in the most profound way. Sep 15,  · Abortion and disability. Some ethicists dislike the argument that abortion should be allowed where the baby, if born, would suffer from physical or mental handicaps.

They say that allowing this as a reason for abortion is offensive to disabled people; because it implies that they, and their lives, are less worthwhile than the lives. As we consider the issue of abortion -- and all American voters, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, have an obligation to do so -- one question dominates: Why is abortion legal in the first place?

Personal Rights vs. Government Interests. In the case of Roe v.

Abortion should be allowed under limited circumstances. For instance, a person with health problems or a fetus created out of rape should be eligible for abortion. Someone that simply doesn't want to have a child after choosing to have unprotected sex shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion.

ABORTION 3 Abortion should be Acceptable under Good Reasons Abortion is a voluntary termination of pregnancy that kills a fetus or embryo. Abortions in the United States are legal up to the third trimester.

Why abortion should be allowed in
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